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A tropical theme or choose your own

You have spent so much time planning this special day. So much time on the guess list. The venue is aptly decorated. The cake is so beautiful. The rings are of the finest rarest gems. The minister is flawless. Wedding gown is ever so magnificent. Even your mother -in-law looks radiant. wedd But what is that sound? What are they wearing? Why are they just arriving? Is that the band I booked? What did I do to deserve this? Its a pity a wedding day lost cannot be regained. Avoid the embarrassment. gnt Bring the warm tropical white sandy beach feeling with margaritas, and rum punch, pina caladas and fresh fruit juice coconut water and .... Please stop me! All you really need is a steeldrum soloist to create the atmosphere. Search his repertoire to select songs. If you want a song that is not on the list Bosco will find it, lean it and play it. Make your wedding day a life long memory to cherish.